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There comes a time when you must purchase a new heating or air conditioning unit. When it’s old and worn, consider purchasing a new unit. It will help you maintain a consistent temperature in your home and reduce energy costs during the warmest and coldest months. We install and maintain air conditioning systems, heating pump systems, and furnaces and are fully stocked with both ICP and American Standard products. We can send a technician to perform preventative maintenance and advise you on whether or not your furnace or air conditioner is salvageable. A good time for you to replace your heating and cooling system is:

  • When you have to repeatedly call for service
  • If the unit is too old to be cost-effective (older than 15 years)
  • When you want energy efficiency
  • If there are no longer replacement parts available
  • If it costs more to repair than replace

Tom’s Heating and Cooling will give you affordable options to fit your needs. Choose from all the major brands and get the best deal in town. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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